Machines for a better world

Our health depends on what we eat. The quality and wholesomeness of food is closely linked to the systems that process natural food. Grains, flour, salt, sugar and coffee are the basic ingredients of many of the dishes we eat which deserve maximum attention. To make our food even healthier, Mill Service is strongly committed to researching food safety, manufacturing machines that guarantee the highest standards of hygiene. Moreover, its machines are designed to be as energy saving as possible, bringing advantages for the environment and companies, with improved use of resources

To increase safety in workplaces, all equipment is designed for the easiest possible use, minimising maintenance while complying with the strictest international safety standards.

Mill Service is at the cutting edge in its use
of modern companymanagement control procedures
that optimize costs.

Machinery is manufactured using highly computerized processes and advanced automated systems. The quality of components and ongoing checks on mechanical parts enable us to produce machines that offer the best performance, even in the most extreme climatic conditions. The production cycle requires machines to undergo strict tests to ensure the best performance in terms of reliability, quality and durability.

You will never be alone with Mill Service.

The after-sales service plays a fundamental role in building special loyalty between Mill Service and its customers. The company offers itself as a long-term partner, ready at any time to renew its commitment to full mutual satisfaction, always available and ready to offer the right solution.

MS Italia products are made with high-quality components that are tested to ensure the best performance, even in the most difficult climatic conditions. They are designed to require minimum maintenance. If spare parts are required, a prompt assistance service is ready to intervene all around the globe, immediately restoring fully operative status.



Auxiliary equipment