2000 – 2010: ten successful years

Our passion makes us strong, allowing us to overcome any obstacle and exceed any expectation. Hence, in just 10 years Mill Service has established itself on the international market as a leading company in the grain-grinding sector. In such a short period of time, experience, technical expertise and ongoing commitment to innovation are essential to achieving a top position in a sector that is fundamental for our food and life. But, above all, it is people who make Mill Service a special company. Our most important goals have been achieved thanks to their everyday dedication to work over this 10-year period, to their enthusiasm for each new project and their willingness to assist customers.
Today, our company continues to expand with great enthusiasm. Having become a joint stock company, Mill Service is a highly reliable partner that can meet any grain grinding requirement, offering systems to meet the widest range of technical and financial demands. Its goal is to exceed all expectations again over the next 10 years.