Ipack-Imа 2018

До следующей выставки Ipack-Imа осталось еще много месяцев, но мы уже готовим интересные новинки для Вас. Ждем Вас, 29 мая – 1 июня 2018, Выставочный Центр в Милане, Италия.

2015 – Mill Service Ipack Ima

The world’s most important event, covering processing and packaging technologies, is back and Mill Service is determined to play a leading role. Ipack Ima will be held in Milan Exhibition Center from the 19th to the 23rd of May 2015. It is a privileged appointment to present the quality of innovations, the result of the  … Читать дальше

2013 – We grow together, we grow for you

We grow together, we grow for you. The result of our common commitment projected towards innovation in the food industry and the constant improvement of the milling industry has brought us to seek for the expanded spaces of a new home, bigger and more efficient. Since the year 2000 Mill Service has been experiencing a  … Читать дальше

2012 – Ipack Ima 2012

The excellence of products made in Italy will be exhibited during the Ipack-Ima which will be held in Milan from February 28 to March 3, 2012. On the stage of this important trade show, primarily dedicated to the packaging, processing and logistics of food products a key role will be played by Mill Service SpA,  … Читать дальше

2011 – 2000 – 2010: ten successful years


Our passion makes us strong, allowing us to overcome any obstacle and exceed any expectation. Hence, in just 10 years Mill Service has established itself on the international market as a leading company in the grain-grinding sector. In such a short period of time, experience, technical expertise and ongoing commitment to innovation are essential to  … Читать дальше