Together, we nourish tomorrow

A team of specialists where you are the leader: relationship, sharing and assistance are the cornerstones of our work and the foundations on which we develop each project.

We design and build mill plants all over the world aware of sharing a great responsibility with you. Together we accompany the growth of people, we give them the energy to overcome the challenges of every day, for a lifetime. And it is precisely the people, be they customers, suppliers or collaborators, our constant point of reference.

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Trust, transparency, fairness, mutual respect and reliability, as well as representing the values that guide us as individuals, are the skills that we try to expand as professionals. The future is hungry for competence, creativity and passion: let’s nurture it to the fullest.

Plants inspired by nature

Nature offers us the perfect production cycle with its infinite capacity for evolution and transformation. We can only draw inspiration from her to lead you towards the renewal or creation of the system you are looking for. Mills for soft wheat, durum wheat, maize, rice, mechanization of grain silos, flour silos with mixing line, silos for by-products, plants for grinding special products and specific machinery for each production phase: the size of our range of products and services is unique in the market, as unique is the planet in which we live and which we have a duty to respect and preserve.

20 years
of global growth

Albania Algeria Angola Argentina Bangladesh Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Cameroon Democratic Republic of the Congo Ivory Coast Cuba Philippines France Gambia Germany Greece Equatorial Guinea India United Kingdom Italy Kazakhstan Kenya Kosovo Libya Mexico Nigeria Tajikistan Russian Federation Senegal Spain South Africa Tunisia Uganda Hungary Vietnam

Thanks to our international network of offices and consultants, we carry out interventions all over the world, always guaranteeing direct presence for our design, installation and maintenance services.


The future is built day after day, with the passion, courage and determination of those who love their work.

Born with the start of the new millennium, from 2000 to today we have built hundreds of plants, becoming one of the main companies in the milling sector at an international level. Proud ambassadors of the quality of Made in Italy in the world, we are convinced that these first twenty years are only the beginning of a path oriented towards the continuous improvement of ourselves and the excellence of the products and services provided.

Our history

Knowledge makes the difference.

What is new today will be out of date tomorrow. To overcome the challenge of technological innovation that evolves at a frenetic pace, knowledge of products, processes and the market must be constantly improved.

This is why we invest in the continuous training of our staff and in sharing the skills gained in the many experiences in the field. Only in this way can we be the partner who knows how much the difference between a plant and the right plant is worth.