Soft wheat

The relationship between man and soft wheat is so deep and rooted that it is not possible to think about the food and social evolution of humanity without the contribution of such an ancient and noble cereal. Less rich in protein than the big hard one, the soft one is a precious source of fiber and is free of cholesterol, making it a type of food suitable also for the consumption of those suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The flours obtained from soft wheat are among the most requested by the global market thanks to the high number of uses envisaged by many gastronomic traditions

Soft wheat flour 00, 0, 1, 2 or wholemeal: we design and build specific systems for the processing of large tender, always ensuring maximum yields and high quality results.

The experience gained internationally allows us to integrate our engineering skills with the specific knowledge of the various business dynamics. Different contexts involve different consumption, determining those peculiarities which then guide the production and positioning choices. We offer you the opportunity to keep up with the evolution of the markets, combining the advice needed to intercept needs with the industrial capacity to satisfy them.

Processing steps

Total reliability meets the highest performance in machines that evolve market standards. Start from your needs and discover the solutions tailored for you.

Discover the interventions we have made all over the world.

Soft wheat
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